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Solbar Sunscreen

Toss Expired Sunscreen From Last Year! It doesn’t matter to me if it is fall, winter, spring or summer, I wear sunscreen.  What makes this a bit more odd is that I live in Seattle, where clouds and rain are the norm.  It is a habit that I started in my twenties.  My beauty routine […]

Is Wearing Makeup To The Gym Really Necessary?

  It’s April and I am going to give myself a B+ for sticking to my commitment to workout at the gym more often this year. Even on my recent trip to Aruba, I worked out at least 4 times during my week long stay.  That might not seem like much to you but typically, […]

Suntegrity Sunscreen

Suntegrity Sunscreen and Foundation As many of you know, I am a big fan of Beauty Army and now Suntegrity sunscreen.  For a subscription fee, six samples of skincare and cosmetics are delivered to your door each month.  Unlike other beauty subscription services, Beauty Army lets you pick your samples. It really is a lot […]

5 Things You To Know Before Your First Massage

  The first time I went for a massage was at the Neiman Marcus in Dallas, many years ago. It is an experience I will never forget. I was nervous and excited to get my first massage.  It was right after the birth of my daughter and I needed rest and relaxation. Regular massage spa […]