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My Favorite Portuguese Sweet Bread Recipe

My Portuguese mother, Fernanda, was an amazing woman and an excellent cook.  Most of her recipes were scratched on the back side of old envelopes.  Some recipes were written in English, but many in Portuguese.  Even worse for my sister  and me, many recipes she had simply memorized.  This unfortunately included her recipe for Portuguese […]

Picnic Ideas

When was the last time you planned a good old fashioned picnic?    A picnic lunch is the perfect way to soak up all that summer Vitamin D, enjoy great food and reconnect with friends and family.  And if you are a frequent reader of this blog, you know that it is important to plan […]

Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! I came across this chocolate chip cookie recipe when living in Dallas, where Neiman Marcus has its headquarters. There is a myth associated with this chocolate chip recipe that has circulated for years. Supposedly, a lady had lunch at a Neiman Marcus and thought the cookie that they served […]

Pumpkin Pie, Life’s Simple Pleasures

Pumpkin pie in March?  You bet!  During my recent travels, I had dinner at an Inn and what did they have on the dessert menu?  Pumpkin Pie.  I could hardly believe my eyes.  It is one of my absolute favorite desserts.  During Thanksgiving, I normally bake two pumpkin pies to ensure there are leftovers.  Every […]