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What Not To Pack For Las Vegas

Planning a trip to Vegas is always fun.  You can get so much enjoyment out of packing and wearing pieces from your wardrobe that you normally don’t wear around town.  Packing for Vegas does have its challenges, since often day time wear doesn’t transition well into evening wear.  After all, part of the fun of […]

Dining in Whistler Village Canada

It rained a lot during our last trip to Whistler.  The picture above was on Whistler mountain on one of the few clear days. Besides napping, reading and watching movies, we ate out a lot. We have favorites restaurants in Whistler.  This visit we tried several new restaurants. Dining in Whistler has something for everyone. […]

Discover Your Food Tour in New York City

What do you do when you have seen most of the major tourist attractions in New York City?  And you love food? You go on a food tour.  That is exactly what we did on our last visit to New York City.  Apparently many travelers make it a point to go on food tours.  It […]

Gluten Free Travel Survival Tips

Don’t go hungry just because you can’t tolerant gluten When I learned that I was gluten intolerant I was scared.   I went from being able to eat everything to questioning everything that I ate.  I spent hours on the internet learning everything I could about wheat. I spoke to friends who also had the same […]