Christmas Shopping Tips That Will Save You Hours


Christmas Shopping Tips

Christmas Shopping Tips That Will Save Time and Money

Save time and money this Christmas season by implementing a few clever Christmas shopping tips. I admit, I am one of those people that starts shopping for Christmas in July.  If I see something that I love, I buy it.  Come November, if I still have gifts to purchase, I use a few shopping tricks.

#1  Purchase the same Christmas gift for several people on your holiday gift giving list.  Decide on a theme for Christmas.  It might be books, socks, hats, picture frames, decorative bowls or beauty products.  Once you have decided on the theme, it becomes really easy to knock out lots of people on your Christmas list.  For example, if you decide on beauty products, purchase your favorite body lotion and give this to all the ladies on your list.  A particular favorite of mine is to create a beauty gift basket.

#2 Buy as much as you can online.  This is a good strategy when you purchase a lot of gifts for friends and family that live out of town. It is pretty common for retailers to offer free shipping.  And that can save you a ton of money.  In mid-December look for the national Free Shipping Day promotion.  Thousands of retailers, big and small participate. Be sure to check websites like for the last stores coupons and promotional codes before placing your order.

#3 Follow your favorite retailers on their Facebook page.  They often post exclusives discounts and fans only deals.  If you don’t always check Facebook, get on their mailing lists, so you don’t miss any special offers. 

These strategies have made my Christmas shopping a lot easier.  Although I do lot shopping, Christmas for is about spending time with friends and family.  With shopping out of the way, a more relaxed Christmas season is possible.  Please share your Christmas shopping strategies.  I would love to hear them.

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