How To Organize Your Christmas Stocking Stuffers

Do you wrap each of your stocking treasures individually?  I love this holiday tradition in our family and yes, I wrap each gift individually.   Last year I shared some of my favorite stocking stuffers for women who have everything.  This year I thought I would share how I go about organizing everyone’s stocking.

To organize items, I set up and label a gift bag for each family member.  To keep things festive and earth friendly, I often reuse Christmas gift bags from prior years. My little treasures are placed in these gift bags as soon as they are purchased or made.  Using a gift bag is a great way to measure how close you are to being done and also keeps the gifts between family members even (especially important with children!).   Depending on your family traditions, when you are ready to add the items to the Christmas stockings, your little gifts will be beautifully sorted!

Finding the right stocking stuffers is a huge source of joy for me. I have my favorite places to shop: drugstores, the Container Store, and small gift boutique stores (which also supports local merchants).  At drugstores, I like picking up makeup items like facial scrubs, lip gloss and metallic eye shadow for my daughter’s stocking. And there is no better time to get your make-up bag cleaned out to make room for all those new beauty products that you will probably will be getting this Christmas.



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