College Makeup Bag

A Peek Inside A College Girl’s Makeup Bag

Over the past few weeks, I have been asking my college girlfriends about the items they normally carry in their makeup bags.  There were some interesting and surprising responses to my question.  So what do college girls never leave their dorm room without?  The top two responses were mascara and cover-up (concealer).

College Makeup Bag

Mascara Is a Must Carry

Mascara is  one beauty item that is always in my makeup bag.  Whenever my eye makeup needs a little touch-up, a quick application of mascara is all I need.  Besides a good night’s rest, mascara instantly transforms eyes and makes them pop.

Concealer is a Favorite Makeup Bag Beauty Product

The second most common beauty items in a college makeup bag is cover up or concealer.  Like mascara, cover up is an easy and simple way to touch up your look.  It helps makeup look fresh throughout the day.  Even during those stressful exam weeks.  Cover up tubes and sticks tend to be small and easy to carry inside your cosmetic bag.

Other Beauty Products in A College Makeup Bag

There were other items mentioned that are normally carried in makeup bags: glue for fake eyelashes, tweezers, band aids and lots of chapstick or lip balm.  The weirdest items carried in a makeup bag was a spoon.  Yes a spoon!  Apparently a spoon is the secret weapon to fabulously curled eyelashes.  I had to research this and discovered several videos on You Tube that explain how curling your lashes with a spoon is done.  You do learn something new everyday.

We all have our own beauty secrets that we carry around with us  in our makeup bags.  Often they are little and inexpensive items like chap stick, they are important and help us to feel beautiful through out the day.

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