5 Things You To Know Before Your First Massage



The first time I went for a massage was at the Neiman Marcus in Dallas, many years ago. It is an experience I will never forget. I was nervous and excited to get my first massage.  It was right after the birth of my daughter and I needed rest and relaxation. Regular massage spa treatments have been part of my life ever since.

Recently, I had a fabulous massage at the After Glow Spa in Roche Harbor, WA.  I got to thinking about my first massage experience.  After hundreds of massages, I have learned a thing or two about preparing for my massage and enjoying the spa experience.

Before the Massage Appointment

Understand the type of spa treatment you are booking and what type of massages are offered.  A quick visit to the spa website should give you all the information you need. Next, call them and discuss the type of massage that is right for you.  I prefer Swedish massages that last between 60 and 90 minutes. Also, be sure to ask about your massage therapists. If you prefer a female, this would be a good time to state your preference.  Arrive early for your massage appointment. This allow you to take a shower, relax in their “relaxation lounge” and hydrate with flavored waters and herbal teas.  

What to Wear to a Spa Appointment?

Wear comfortable clothing to your massage appointment.  My typical spa attire is swear pants, a loose fitting cotton top and flip flops. I pack a small cosmetic bag and swimsuit too.  Most spas provide shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, blow dryers and other grooming amenities.  Normally, I take my round brush and flat iron. Leave your jewelry at home.

First Massage


Upon Arrival for Your First Massage

You will greeted and taken to the locker rooms and given a comfy robe and slippers. The question inevitably comes up.  Do I leave my under pants off or on? That clearly is a personal preference. If you don’t feel comfortable taking all your clothes off, then don’t.   I take off everything, simply because it is more comfortable.  Then it is off the relaxation room. I like to arrive at least 30 minutes early for my massage appointment, so I can take full advantage of the relaxation room. Most relaxation rooms are fully stocked with teas, flavored waters, fresh fruits and light snacks.  Taking 15 minutes to sit quietly prepares you for the massage experience.

First Massage

Your First Massage

After the relaxation room, you will be whisked away to your massage room.  After going over a few instructions, your massage therapist will leave the room and ask you to slip under the covers.  Before your therapist leaves it is a good idea to discuss your expectations.  Things like the massage pressure and room temperature.  If you suspect a chatty Cathy emphasize that you prefer silence during the massage.  It doesn’t happen often, but spa therapists that talk non-stop are out there.  Don’t be afraid to communicate with your therapist if you are cold or if the pressure is either to light or too hard.


After Your First Massage

The hardest thing for me to do is to get up after a massage.  My entire body normally feels like a bowl of Jello. Your therapist will bring you water, since it is really important to hydrate after your massage.  Then it is off to enjoy the the hot tub, sauna and steam room.  Before leaving the spa, be sure to book your next appointment.

Traveling with lipstick is Veronica’s blog on travel, beauty and living life beautifully organized. She instantly became addicted to the spa life after her first spa appointment in Dallas oh so many years ago.  Since then she makes it a point to visit her local day spa frequently.  Veronica especially loves to make a day of pampering is always included in her vacation agendas.


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