Graduation Gifts That Will Please Her and Your Pocketbook

Graduation Gift

By Emily Albrecht, Guest Blogger, Gonzaga University Student

Graduation speeches and graduation ceremonies are here for both colleges and high schools.  There is one question that always comes up: What should I get as a graduation gift for my special graduating senior?

The most common graduation gifts like money, gift cards, and home decor for an apartment or college dorm are all great gifts for graduating seniors. The most meaningful gifts that I have given or received were either homemade or gifts that were personalized.

By meaningful gifts for your graduating senior, I am recommending a framed photo or a framed collage of favorite college memories. When you’re thinking about what to give your graduating senior think of memories that are meaningful to the both of you. Take that memory and get creative! Create a college or high school photo album, scrapbook, video or design a decorative mug.  Sometimes the gift can be as simple as a hand written letter. The amount of time you spend on the gift for your graduating senior is more valuable than the amount of money spent.

For female graduating seniors on your list, consider putting together a personalized gift basket with items that you know she will need either for an upcoming move to an apartment or trip.  If travel is in your graduating senior future, consider our Vemayca cosmetic bag filled with all her favorite beauty items.  She will appreciate the thought that went into picking out her favorite cosmetics for her new beauty bag.

When I graduated from high school in Shanghai, my favorite graduation gift was a Chinese charm. I look at it daily and it reminds me of the incredible experience that I had, the difficult times that I got through. This charm reminds me that I can take on anything and succeed.

Graduating from college or high school is a huge accomplishment and this occasion deserves a gift that demonstrates how special this achievement really is. To all the new graduating seniors, congratulations!

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