Is Wearing Makeup To The Gym Really Necessary?


Gym Makeup

It’s April and I am going to give myself a B+ for sticking to my commitment to workout at the gym more often this year. Even on my recent trip to Aruba, I worked out at least 4 times during my week long stay.  That might not seem like much to you but typically, I work out zero times during a vacation.  I start out with good intentions and then I start making excuses. After all isn’t a long walk on the beach considered exercise?

Gym Makeup

I feel better when I work out and don’t feel as guilty when I splurge on dessert or a glass of wine.  It’s funny, but recently I have started thinking about my gym routine.  Maybe one of the reasons I don’t go to the gym as often, is that it takes me so darn long to get out of the house. Namely it takes a little time to fix my hair and apply some makeup.

There are two types of women at the gym I use.  There are those women who go completely natural with no makeup at all and those that go to the trouble of applying some makeup.   I simply can’t bring myself to go out the door with absolutely no makeup.  Maybe it is the fact that I am no longer a fresh faced twenty year old.

Gym Makeup

Some gym makeup is ok

After much debate (with myself), I finally decided it was ok to wear a little gym makeup.  For me it is important to look as good as possible all the time. It is always those times you look your worst that you run into people you know, right? Recently, I have developed a streamlined routine that seems to work well.  It is minimalistic and natural looking.  For my gym work-outs, I apply a beauty cream to even out my skin tone and provide some protection against the sun.  Then I quickly apply mascara and some lipstick.

This trio is a good compromise and is super quick to apply on my way out the door.  In fact, it is a 5 minute makeup routine.  Each of these beauty products (Suntegrity, Skinn Lipstick and AfterGlow Mascara) are favorites of mine because they are excellent, and made by small businesses that focus on natural and non-toxic ingredients.

I can’t say this new routine works 100% of the times.  There are still days when I wake up with the best of intentions to get to the gym, but for some reason or another, I simply don’t get there.  The important thing is that I keep trying and some weeks I am more successful than others.  At least putting on makeup isn’t my excuse any more.

April is a good month to clean out the gym bag and replace workout clothes that have seen better days.  And don’t forgot your cosmetic bag. Toss out old and expired cosmetic and wash your bag.

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