Hiking Pinnacle Peak For The Non-Hiker

Pinnacle Peak In All Its Glory

This past Memorial Day weekend, we spent the long weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Spending time in Scottsdale is always a treat.  Besides the fabulous weather, there is always something to do.  One of my favorite activities is hiking Pinnacle Peak.  We were able to capture this picture at sunset.  It is too beautiful not to share.

Pinnacle Peak

If you do visit, Scottsdale be sure to visit Pinnacle Peak park.  The trail is loose gravel and well-defined.  I would say it is moderately difficult.  Definitely doable if you are used to moderate physical activity.  Depending on how aggressive you want to attack the entire trail, plan on spending a couple of hours from start to finish.

Pinnacle Peak 2

What to Bring

During the summer months, it is best to start the hike early in the morning.  The park opens at various times throughout the year.   Take water, sunscreen, and a hat.  The hike can be accomplished in either hiking boots or sneakers.  Pinnacle Peak is not a place for flip-flops.  Mostly because little pieces of gravel will hurt your feet.  On very early morning hikes it can be cool, so layering is always a good idea.  There are restroom facilities at the start of the trail.

Pinnacle Peak 3

Pinnacle Peak Trail

The trail is well-marked.  During weekends and holidays it can get crowded.  It is well worth the drive out to the park.  The scenery is beautiful, no matter what season you visit.  There are plenty of spots for picture-taking.  Just move to the side.  There are some serious hikers and runners on this trail.  If you are an experienced hiker, you can accomplish the hike in about an hour.  But as I mentioned earlier, I would plan on two hours.  The nice thing about Pinnacle Peak is that you can turn back at any time.

Bonus Travel Tip

There is a good size parking lot at Pinnacle Peak.  During peak times, cars will overflow on to the street leading up to the parking lot.  Before parking on the street, make one trip around the parking lot.  Often times there are empty spots.  Of course, if you want extra exercise, park on the street!

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