Legacy Box Review

Legacy Box ReviewWho doesn’t have old VHS tapes piled high in a closet?  Converting my VHS tapes into a digital format has been on my to do list for a number of years.  Every time I even thought of tackling this project, I found a million excuses to avoid it.  My number one issue was doing research to find a reliable company to do the conversion and cost. Then an ad popped up on my Facebook feed for Legacy Box.  I read a few reviews. It sounded easy, so I decided to give it a try.  Here is my Legacy Box review and experience.

There are several pricing packages.  I selected the Family Package which converts 10 tapes.  The Legacy Box was ordered online and I received it about a week later.

Once the VHS tapes are gathered, you will then add the bar code stickers included in the kit to each tape.  I was happy to learn that they included extra bar code stickers (please note the extra stickers have a price on them).  The extra stickers were used and 24 VHS tapes were shipped to Legacy Box.  Then I prayed.

Legacy Box Review

Legacy Box kept in touch by sending email updates.  This provided me with a level of comfort. About 7 weeks later, I received an email stating that my order had shipped. After a few days, my Legacy Box arrived.  What a relief!  The process worked.

Legacy Box ReviewEach CD is neatly placed in a sturdy black envelope/sleeve.  They are marked based on the markings on your VHS tape.  A tip is to label your VHS tapes with the exact wording you want placed on your CDs.  If you don’t remember to do this, no worries.  You can always re-label the CDs when you get them back.

Legacy Box Review

January is a great month to tackle organizing projects and de-clutter the house.  Removing those old VHS tapes from your closets and replacing them with small CDs is a huge space saver.  Not to mention, with your memories on CDs they become portable.  And you can now share them with family and friends.  Follow Legacy Box on Facebook and stay current on their promotions and special offers to save money.  I have since ordered my second Legacy Box. Next is to donate the old VHS player.

Traveling with lipstick is Veronica’s blog on travel, beauty and living life beautifully organized. She had a stack of VHS tapes taking up space in various closets throughout her home. After seeing the Legacy Box ad, Veronica decided to give this service a try.  She is so happy she did.  In less than an hour, she was able to tackle this project.  Warning: it is scary putting so many memories in one place and mailing them.


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