Mid Century Modern Kitchen Remodel Plan

Mid Century Modern Kitchen RemodelFinally after months of planning, my mid century modern kitchen remodel has been kicked off.  It is exciting and terrifying at the same time.  Here are several of the “before” pictures.  It will be a few weeks before order is restored.  I hope I survive.  A lot of thought went into how I wanted this project to proceed.  This included staging everything needed for the mid century modern kitchen remodel in the garage.  One of my goals was to minimize the length of time between the first wall coming down and the completion of the kitchen remodel.

Mid Cefntury Modern Kitchen RemodelI ordered the new appliances and had them delivered prior to the start of any demolition work.  This was a smart move since it took three different shipments before everything was delivered.  This despite the fact that I made it very clear to the appliance store that I wanted one complete shipment. From start to finish, the appliances took 6 weeks to pick out, order and ship. I also ordered the custom cabinets and waited several weeks before we gave the go ahead to begin any demolition work.

Mid Century Modern Kitchen RemodelTake your time developing the new kitchen layout with your contractor.  The tendency is for contractors to rush things along.  Don’t let them. Don’t make any decisions on the spot if you can avoid it.  Ask for layout drawings. Review them carefully and ask lots of questions.  Sleep on any decisions.  If something does not look or feel right, make adjustments until it does.  I probably changed the layout and cabinet design 6 or 7 times before I gave approval to place the cabinet order. Finally get all changes documented in writing.  Sign off on all drawings before any orders are placed.  You will learn that even the most experienced contractor make mistakes.  You will  learn that with each revision, you will feel more and more comfortable with the choices being made.  A mid century modern kitchen remodel is a big investment, so there is no point in rushing the planning phase of your remodel.

Mid Century Modern Kitchen RemodelTo save money on the remodel, I am keeping the bamboo floors.  The existing floors are beautiful and they work well with the mid century modern design of the home.  The caramel colored bamboo will provide a nice contrast to the dark cabinets that have been selected.  In addition, I am reusing our stainless steel sink and faucets.

For the next blog post you will see mid century modern kitchen remodel demolition pictures.   I will also share some of my lessons learned.

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