Open Concept Kitchen Remodel

Open Concept Kitchen RemodelThis is week #3 of work on our open concept kitchen remodel.   No work was completed on the kitchen last week. Without the support beam there wasn’t much that could be done.  As has been the pattern over the past month, new week and new issues!!  First for a little good news.  The new support beam was finally delivered (shown above). And it is massive.

For the bad news, because of support beam delay, the dry wall sub contractor will be unavailable for 2 weeks. Say it isn’t so.  I expected to react badly to the news, but somehow I was able to keep my cool. Then I went into recovery mode and starting calling dry wall contractors on my own.

Open Concept Kitchen Remodel

The hardware floor guy did show up to fix the bamboo floors.  We have redesigned where the appliances will be placed in our new kitchen.  It was a little nerve racking. They did such a nice job that you can’t tell the new wood pieces from the old.  Gas lines were installed and plumbing was adjusted to handle the new wine refrigerator and steam oven.

The support beam was so long (25 feet) a hole had to be cut in the side of the house to allow room to maneuver inside the house. After a tense few hours, the support beam was installed by 8 very strong men.  Everyone was relieved.  There was additional drama when one of the worker accidentally shot a nail through his big toe.  It was removed and he will be ok.  There was a lot of blood and this episode definitely confirmed my decision not to pursue a career in the medical field.  My role was to find the first aid kit and deliver it.

Open Concept Kitchen Remodel

Three tips to help you survive your open concept kitchen remodel

1. Week #3 is a good time to review your hardware and lighting accessories. Ensure that everything is either ordered or delivered.  If items have been delivered,  open each box to ensure that nothing is broken.  If anything is broken you will have a time to react.

2. We had an injury this week.  Safety must be a priority.  If you see something that is unsafe, mention it to your contractor.  Double check your first aid kit to make sure that it is complete and that nothing has expired.

3. By week #3 you should have a good idea on how well you are sticking to your budget.  Guaranteed you will be over. Discuss any overages with your contractor and develop a plan to meet your budget.  Know that going into any remodeling project, there will be surprises and added costs.   If possible, overages can come out of your contingency funding.  If not, items might have to be eliminated.  For example, we will be doing all the painting and hanging some of the easier light fixtures to save a little money.

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