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Kitchen Remodel Pictures

After weeks of construction, our new kitchen is finally complete. It is wonderful getting our kitchen back!  We can hardly remember the old kitchen.  It is fun to post our kitchen remodel pictures. I knew exactly how I wanted our new kitchen to look.  At the top of the list was to design a kitchen […]

Installing Custom Kitchen Cabinets: Surviving Your Kitchen Remodel

Week #7 of our kitchen remodel has been the worst week so far.  After dealing with the sink issue last week, I thought all the bad stuff was done.  The week started hopefully.  Progress was being made.  Only a few hours into the new week and optimism turned to despair. As readers of my remodeling […]

Installing Kitchen Cabinets: Surviving Your Kitchen Remodel

Week # 6 is all about painting, installing kitchen cabinets and creating the quartz template.  First on the list was to get the ceiling painted. I thought I could get away with one coat.  We ended up applying three coats of ceiling paint.  Next came the walls. Behr Marquee paint was used and it covered […]

Drywall Installation: Surviving Your Kitchen Remodel

Week #4 and I can finally start seeing what my new open concept kitchen will look like.  Work this week included adding new insulation to the walls, moving up the kitchen window to accommodate the taller counter tops and starting the dry wall process.  You can see the mother of all beams in the picture […]