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What Not To Pack For Las Vegas

Planning a trip to Vegas is always fun.  You can get so much enjoyment out of packing and wearing pieces from your wardrobe that you normally don’t wear around town.  Packing for Vegas does have its challenges, since often day time wear doesn’t transition well into evening wear.  After all, part of the fun of […]

How to Pack Your Suitcase for a 10-Day Trip

Packing Your Suitcase Like a Pro How many times have you been at the airport and needed to open up your suitcase to retrieve a sweater or a pair of more comfortable shoes?  Then you discover what you need is at the very bottom of the suitcase.  Most of us do not think about accessing […]

Beauty Packing List

It is all too common.  You arrive at your hotel, its late and all you want to do is wash your face, brush your teeth and crawl into bed.  The problem is you forgot to pack your toothbrush.  There are two options: call the hotel front desk to deliver toothpaste or manage to brush your […]

Whistler Ski Resort What You Should Not Forget

The Whistler ski resort is about a 5 hour drive from Seattle (depending on the wait at customs).  The snow and natural beauty of the resort makes it a consistently top rated ski destination.  If you are looking for someplace new to ski, definitely put Whistler ski resort on your list. Clothing Not To Forget […]