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Dining in Whistler Village Canada

It rained a lot during our last trip to Whistler.  The picture above was on Whistler mountain on one of the few clear days. Besides napping, reading and watching movies, we ate out a lot. We have favorites restaurants in Whistler.  This visit we tried several new restaurants. Dining in Whistler has something for everyone. […]

Vodka Tasting at the Bearfoot Bistro

  There is wine tasting and now there is vodka tasting.  We typically go skiing in Whistler a few times a year.  Not only is it a beautiful to ski,  there are plenty of restaurants to explore. One of them is Bearfoot Bistro.  Not only had we heard that the food was five star rated, […]

Whistler Ski Resort What You Should Not Forget

The Whistler ski resort is about a 5 hour drive from Seattle (depending on the wait at customs).  The snow and natural beauty of the resort makes it a consistently top rated ski destination.  If you are looking for someplace new to ski, definitely put Whistler ski resort on your list. Clothing Not To Forget […]

Packing For A Ski Trip

Christmas in Whistler is pure heaven. The beauty of the place can’t be described. Packing and getting ready for any trip can be a bit of a challenge.  Ski trips are the worst.  In addition to your “normal” clothing, you have to a mountain of ski gear to take. The night before our trips the […]