Texturing Drywall: Surviving Your Kitchen ReModel

Texturing Drywall

Week #5 is finally here.  It is going to be a short week of work because, in the middle of all this chaos, we decided to go forward with our European vacation.  The drywall guys have three days to get back in, to finish up the drywall sanding, prime the walls, add texture, and prime the walls again.  The pictures show walls that have been sanded smooth and the first coat of primer that has been sprayed on (before texture).  You won’t believe the amount of sanding that is needed to get the walls super smooth.  Texturing drywall is hard work and glad we had professionals to do the work.

Texturing Drywall

When planning your kitchen remodel, allow a solid week once the dry wall boards are up to finish up.  Anyone that tells you that it can be done in less time is incompetent.  I would question the quality of their work. Or worse, they are simply not being honest.  Once the walls have been sanded smooth and the first coat of primer applied, the texture can be sprayed on.   The texture needs to be completely dry before applying the final coat of primer.

Four tips to help you survive your kitchen remodel and texturing drywall

1. Depending on the time of year and humidity levels, drying time for texture could be a couple of days.  This is a good time to keep children and pets away the the kitchen remodel.  You don’t want them to accidentally touch and damage the soft texture.

2. Let the drywall contractor spray the final coat of primer.  It took about two hours.  It would have taken me a day or two to prime all the walls and the ceiling.

3. Select your wall color in week #5 if you haven’t already done so.  Take a cabinet door, back splash tile, flooring and counter tops samples to your local paint store.  Pick a few colors that might work with your design.  Buy sample paint.  Paint a 12 x 12 section for each color.  Let the paint dry.  Make your selection after reviewing the paint colors in morning, afternoon and evening lighting.  Buy your paint and have it ready for the start of week #6.

4. Have a conversation with your contractor to understand the timeline for installing the cabinets, getting the counter top templates and back splash tile done.  Confirm that these subcontractors all have been scheduled.  This includes electrical, plumbing and gas.

Week #6 will be exciting.  The walls will be painted and the cabinet installation will begin.  I can see a faint light at the end of the tunnel.

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