What Not To Pack For Las Vegas

What Not To Pack For Las VegasPlanning a trip to Vegas is always fun.  You can get so much enjoyment out of packing and wearing pieces from your wardrobe that you normally don’t wear around town.  Packing for Vegas does have its challenges, since often day time wear doesn’t transition well into evening wear.  After all, part of the fun of Vegas is getting dressed up for a night out on the town.

What describes the Vegas experience?  Bright lights, crowded sideways, music, warm to hot weather, long taxi lines, lots of walking, sunshine, pool time, drinking, gambling, spa treatments, great restaurants, a little shopping and some sightseeing.  That about covers the basic activities.  Grab your roller bag and start packing.

Avoid the following items when packing for Las Vegas

You will not need them

Don’t pack your blue jeans.  Blue jeans are normally too warm for Vegas. Instead pack a pair of white or light colored jeans or a light weight pair of linen or cotton pants.

Don’t pack anything black.  It is Vegas, be colorful and bright.  Save your black items for trips to Europe or New York.

Don’t pack anything boring or that you don’t absolutely LOVE.  Leave the boring tee shirts at home.  Think sexy.  Maybe some new tops in lace or mesh! I use the word LOVE so that you don’t pack a piece of clothing and then don’t end up wearing it.

Don’t pack brand new shoes.  In Vegas you walk.  The walk from your hotel lobby to your room can take up to 20 minutes!  Walking the strip can be tough on new shoes too.  Now is not the time to break in a pair of new shoes.  Pack your favorite and most comfortable flip flops, sandals, flats or fashion sneakers for day time activities.

Don’t pack a large leather purse.  It can be so uncomfortable lugging a big leather pocketbook around town.  Remember Vegas will be warm, crowded and you walk a lot. Consider packing two or three smaller purses to match your evening outfits. It is much easier to get around Vegas with a small purse.

Don’t pack anything that stains easily.  You might love that silk dress, but after a night out, sweat stains and spilled drinks might take its toll.

What Not to Pack For Las VegasThat is me and my husband inside Wayne Newton’s old Fokker airplane.  The plane is parked at his former home and museum, Casa Shenandoah.  We needed a little time off the strip and this was a perfect side trip to take.  We enjoyed it a lot.

If you follow my What Not To Pack For Las Vegas recommendations, you will be able to pack for a three night stay in one 23 inch roller bag.  As your second carry on item, select a large tote (zippered top).  Your travel tote can double as pool side tote.

Right now I am loving Trina Turk for her colorful clothing and extremely well made totes and handbags.

Traveling with lipstick is my blog on travel, beauty and living life beautifully organized.   I visit Las Vegas as least once a year. This last time it rained the three days I was there with my husband.  I don’t pack a rain coat for Las Vegas, but on this last trip I definitely needed one.  I still do not recommend packing a raincoat.  Next time, I will be more careful about checking the weather forecast though. The good news is that along the strip there are plenty of places to purchase a hat or hooded sweatshirt.  And bonus you have another Vegas souvenir.





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